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The International Walter Pater Society (IWPS)

The International Walter Pater Society (IWPS) was reconstituted at the ‘Walter Pater: Continuity and Discontinuity’ conference held on 3-5 July 2014 at Paris-Sorbonne University (organized by Bénédicte Coste, Anne-Florence Gillard-Estrada, Martine Lambert-Charbonnier, and Charlotte Ribeyrol). On 5 July 2014, conference participants approved a plan to revive the IWPS, with the principal aim of offering a structured means of sustaining ongoing scholarship and research in Walter Pater and aestheticism. This will be done through regular conferences, publications, and a reformation of The Pater Newsletter as the semi-annual Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism, to reflect the scholarly journal it has grown into through effective editorship over the years. Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism is the official vehicle of the IWPS.

The inaugural IWPS Executive Officers are Dennis Denisoff, Stefano Evangelista, and Charlotte Ribeyrol.

Dennis Denisoff is Professor of English at Ryerson University. His work on Pater and aestheticism includes Aestheticism and Sexual Parody (2001), Sexual Visuality from Literature to Film (2004), and his forthcoming monograph on eco-paganism and decadence.

Stefano Evangelista is Associate Professor in English at Oxford University and Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. He is the author of British Aestheticism and Ancient Greece (2009) and of numerous articles on Walter Pater and the British and international fin de siècle.

Charlotte Ribeyrol is Associate Professor in 19th-century English literature at Paris-Sorbonne University. Her research explores Victorian Hellenism as well as the reception of the colours of the past in the 19th century. Her publications on the subject include ‘Etrangeté, passion, couleur’, L’hellénisme de Swinburne, Pater et Symonds (2013).

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