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Lene Østermark-Johansen is Reader in English at the University of Copenhagen. She is the author of Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture (Ashgate, 2011) and of numerous essays and articles on Pater. Most recently she has edited the first annotated edition of Pater’s Imaginary Portraits, MHRA Critical Texts (Modern Humanities Research Association, 2014). She is currently editing the Imaginary Portraits for the Collected Works of Walter Pater, to be published by Oxford University Press, and working on a monograph on Pater and portraiture.

Deputy Editor

Lesley Higgins, Professor of English at York University, is, together with David Latham, co-general editor of the Collected Works of Walter Pater (10 vols, forthcoming from Oxford UP). She has edited the Diaries, Oxford Essays, and the Dublin Notebook of Gerard Manley Hopkins for the Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and co-edited Walter Pater: Transparencies of Desire and Victorian Aesthetic Conditions: Pater Across the Arts.

Book Review Editor

Catherine Maxwell is Professor of Victorian Literature at Queen Mary, University of London, and the author of three monographs and many articles. Her work on Pater includes a chapter in her book Second Sight: The Visionary Imagination in Late Victorian Literature (Manchester University Press, 2008), several articles, and material in her current book project on perfume in Victorian literary culture, contracted to OUP for publication in 2017.


Kenneth Daley serves as Chairperson of the English Department at Columbia College in Chicago. He is the author of The Rescue of Romanticism: Walter Pater and John Ruskin (Ohio UP, 2001), and several essays on Ruskin, Pater, and Keats. He is curently editing Pater’s critical essays for the Collected Works of Walter Pater.


  • Barrie Bullen, University of Reading.
  • Bénédicte Coste, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier.
  • Catherine Maxwell, Queen Mary College, University of London.
  • Elisa Bizzotto, IUAV University of Venice
  • James Eli Adams, Columbia University.
  • Jonah Siegel, Rutgers University.
  • Laurel Brake, Birkbeck College, University of London.

  • Lesley Higgins, York University, Toronto.
  • Noriyuki Nozue, Osaka City University.
  • Robert Seiler, University of Calgary.
  • Stefano Evangelista, University of Oxford.

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